5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Wedding Photography

Something old, something new, something Fabulous for the two of you: 5 reasons having a good wedding photographer is an excellent addition for your wedding.

Weddings can be stressful, but they can and should be exciting events to be remembered always. They can and should speak volumes about a couple’s personality. A lot of times, this special occasion is the one and only chance for spectacle and splendor to be put on display. On many occasions, a wedding is a perfect place for a spontaneous reunion of sorts, whether it would be a family reunion or a school reunion. Whatever the purpose, weddings are to be remembered and cherished for a lifetime. How they are remembered is up to the couple.

Your photographer needs to have a passion to see that your wedding event is above and beyond beautifully photographed and the envy of your family and friends. Whether a timeless vision of old charm black and white or a freshly painted portrait of digital amazement, captivating all who come across this glossy piece of personal history.

The last thing that a couple should worry about is wedding pictures. And let’s be real; wedding pictures are a must have. When the dress has been hung up, the ring lost and found and that once perfect body in which you worked so hard to get into shape for the big day begins to relax a little, you can always look at your glorious pictures and sit back and smile.

You will want to remember your day with the fondest of memories, whether it is with tears of joy or lots of unrestrained laughter. Wedding photography should be taken seriously, in both the competence and expertise of the professional supplying the goods and the selecting of services by the couple.

You should find a photographer who is more than competent and willing to give you the very best. As your personal keeper of priceless memories, here are 5 plus reasons a wedding photographer is an excellent addition for your day and here is what you can and should expect:

1) A photographer who is going to listen and take to heart your concerns for your big day.

2) Someone who is easy to get along with and has a fun and one of a kind personality. Some interesting trivia for you;

  1. White is the color of choice for brides, because, it is supposed to mean purity. Queen Victoria was among the first to wear white on her wedding day to Prince Albert.
  2. In the early days of wedding photography, the 1900’s, only the rich and socially privileged could afford such a luxury.
  3. If money is no object and you have yet to select the perfect engagement ring, The Chopard Blue Diamond ring is a guaranteed scene stealer for any occasion; just have a certified check of $16.26 million dollars handy and it’s all yours. This is currently the world’s most expensive ring on the market
  4. According to “The World’s Most Expensive” journal website, ninety gemstones, nine diamonds, a star-shaped ruby and an entry in the Vietnamese “Guinness Book of World Records makes the world’s most expensive wedding bouquet. This Norfolk Wedding photographer will bet a million dollars of Monopoly money that this is one bouquet that will not get tossed anywhere.
  5. Do you have an extra $20 million dollars that you can’t make up your mind on how to spend it? In 2007, at a Luxury Brands Bridal Show on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, a diamond studded cake was revealed and revealed only. No one has purchased it, as far as this author knows, just in case you want to hurry and grab it for yourself.

3) A photographer who will make your photos the epitome of dash, flair and elegance. Speaking of which, did you know that the world’s most expensive wedding dress is priced at $12 million dollars? The diamond is in the details; beautifully stitched together, this dress should only be passed from mother to daughter and so on.

4) A photographer who will be accommodating. This is your day and this Norfolk Wedding photographer understands that there might be some concerns. There is never too much time to sit down and talk about anything that might affect the happiness of your day where your wedding photos are concerned.

5) A photographer who is professional.

6) A photographer who is competitively priced and has remarkable packages.

7) A photographer who has expertise and skill to satisfy all involved.

8) A photographer who is willing to be there, period.

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