Fairy Tale Wedding Favors to Impress “Wand-ering” Guests

You needn’t give out fairy tale wedding favors in a castle but as a castle! Check out sand castle tea lights that will perk up any wedding party and make for quaint favors. Your guests are unlikely to be leaving early once they receive these gifts of gratitude.

Also, don’t guests arrive in their personal carriages at a wedding ball? This being the 21st century, they most probably won’t. So, gift them ‘enchanted carriage’ boxes to take home instead. These favor boxes can be packed up with almonds, chocolates and other sweets. If you want to make these boxes unique, have some scroll work added.

When it comes to carriages and fairy tale romances, the Cinderella theme cannot be missed out. If that’s the theme you have chosen for your marriage party, then you may like to gift some special Cinderella carriage design curio showpieces. These are made beautiful with rhinestones, flower carving, silver painting and of course they don’t go poof at midnight.

If ‘mode of transport’ is still an issue, flip out $2 for each piece and gift antique getaway cars as fairy tale wedding favors. No police is going to be stopping these cars of love with the ‘in Luv’ license plates.

Candles are always very apt for any celebrations. Matching candles with your fairy tale wedding theme can be easy. In fact, you can further match it with the Cinderella theme and gift your guests white-wax elegant slipper candles as fairy tale wedding favors. The special filigree designs make these candles look almost like real wedding slippers. Your guests are sure to cherish these candles and display them in their homes. There are carriage candles available too in the same theme.

Place card holders are a genre of wedding favors that couples have started to order as a utility item. It helps them ensure the guests don’t have a problem with the seating arrangements and are comfortable from the moment they reach the venue. You can use all kinds of placecard holders to serve as fairy tale wedding favors too. Guests can take away pretty little silver tea pots, heart-shaped glass coasters and silver photo frames that carry their name cards for the seating plan.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want your guests to know who’s blushing more among the couple, keep them occupied with blushing gingerbread bride or groom favor. These fairy tale wedding favors come in acetate boxes with heart and star stage inserts. The gingerbread pair is hooked up together with brown satin ribbons. If you wish, you can add a tag too.

There is, in fact, an endless range of fairy tale wedding favors to choose from. Your guests will remember you fondly whether you give them silver bells, bottle stoppers or, bookmarks and silver hearts. They will cherish your thoughtfulness and gratitude. So, don’t forget to pick a fairy tale wedding favor if that’s your theme.

What to Look For in a Wedding Limousine

Did you know that all limousines are not built equal?

You are busy planning your special day and it is time to figure out how you are getting all of your group moved from the pickup points to the ceremony, then pictures, reception and back home afterwards. Can be a bit of a daunting task. So you decide to call a few limousine companies, surely they can get the job done. After all, isn’t that the point of having a large car?

Sure is.

So now you are calling around trying to figure out what your options are. Here are a few things you might want to consider.

First off, you will want to make sure that the vehicle you are asking about is large enough to hold your party. This can be a bit of a challenge if you have a larger wedding party. You might want to even consider getting 2 limousines if you don’t all fit in one car. If you do get 2 limos, you might want to think about their colour – do you want them both the same colour or one black and one white one?

Speaking of colour, that brings up the next point to consider. Don’t forget to ask the limo company what colour their cars are. You may not want a red limousine for your wedding – regardless of the price:) Typically, weddings are done in white and a white limousine is always a hit. Some weddings go with a black limo but I always think that reminds me of a funeral. Sorry, I digress.

Next, you will want to ask if the car you are going to be getting is a modern looking car. In fact, most limousines built in about the past 10 years will look modern. There have been very few changes made to them. You are looking to Arrive In Style, make sure your car looks the part.

Did you know that some limousines are built with larger rear doors? That is right! A real wedding limo will have rear doors that are 6 inches larger than normal – just so the girls can get in easier with their dresses on. Isn’t that sweet? But, hey, it is your wedding, why not be treated like royalty for the day?

As far as interior amenities go, you might want to have a nice stereo in the back of the limo, but that is pretty standard equipment. Most limos are also equipped with a TV and DVD or VCR but, these toys usually don’t get much use on a wedding run. Pretty sure you are not renting a nice wedding limo just to watch TV!

Something you will want to make sure of as well is the air conditioning! There is a good chance that you are booking your summer wedding limo in the winter and you might not be thinking of air conditioning, but it gets hot on a summer day in July – with 10 people in a car. Ask about it and insist on a car with good A/C.

Beyond that, you will want to make sure that the company you hire is reputable, offers clean cars, shows up on time (big deal on your wedding day) and acts professionally. A good limo company will keep the car stocked with ice water and/or cool beverages throughout your day.

Call around and know what you are getting. Many companies will have pictures of their cars online, even ask to see the actual car you are ordering. It is your day, you are making a significant investment, make sure you are going to be happy. You don’t want to be disappointed on your wedding day!

Winter Theme Weddings – 27 Ways to Tie in the Season

Winter theme weddings can be uber chic and ethereal – an absolute wonderland, if you will.  Read on for tips, ideas, and inspiration on planning a winter wedding. 

All In the Details – Winter Wedding Ideas

Invitations & Stationery

  • Add a wintery motif – such as a snowflake or holly branch – to your stationery suite
  • Go white on white – and create a snowy first impression.
  • Add metallics – jazz it up with a hint of silver or gold.


  • Think intimate and cozy – bed and breakfasts or inns complete with roaring fires and plush décor create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bonus points if you can score a view overlooking a scenic winterscape.
  • Think elegant and grand – a formal hotel ballroom overlooking the city evokes a celebratory mood to match the holiday spirit.
  • Think seasonal activities – a ski lodge or mountain chalet guarantees a true winter experience and a nice getaway for your guests

Décor elements

  • Color palette – 1) new-fallen snow – use whites and creams accented with silver or gold. 2) winter sparkle – ice blue or navy accented with silver. 3) black tie – black is especially suited for a winter wedding when paired with white, silver or gold.
  • Go glam – deck your halls with crystal detailing for a sparkling winter effect – adorning linens and chair covers or sprinkled over table tops. The result is deliciously glam and oh so fab.
  • Liberal use of candle light – the glow will add warmth and elegance.
  • Holiday theme – decorate with potted evergreens, pine branches, wreathes, poinsettias, ornaments, bells, or twinkling white lights.


  • Seasonal blooms – white stephanotis, poinsettia, holly, amaryllis, camellias, roses.
  • Added interest and texture – incorporate holiday greenery or tiny crystals into your arrangements
  • Creative bouquets – instead of flowers, carry tea lights, votive candles or cascading bells Tossing alternative – have your flower girl throw silver glitter or sprinkle fake snow.


  • Hearty dishes – serve heartier fare in sophisticated, creative ways – such as colorful butternut squash puree or warm pumpkin soup in ramekins or shot glasses.
  • Wintery beverages – warm guests with eggnog, spiced wine or mixed coffee drinks.


  • White on white – adorn an all white cake with marzipan snowflakes or swiss dots, or top with fresh white poinsettias or stephanotis
  • Get rich – serve a decadent chocolate cake or cheese cake with raspberry sauce/filling, and decorate with chocolate covered cherries or strawberries.
  • Top it off – use a decorative snow globe or snowflake as a seasonal topper


  • Rich fabrics – warm up to velvet, satin, brocade, and heavy silk
  • Add a layer – if your wedding dress is sleeveless or strapless, add a wrap, shrug or cape in white or in one of your wedding colors
  • Winter white – dress the wedding party, flower girl and ring bearer in winter white for a chic, clean look.
  • Black tie – formal attire at an elegant winter wedding is always a classic


  • Sip it – give decorative tins or packets of hot cocoa mix
  • Let it snow – inside mini snow globes
  • Celebrate – with splits of champagne
  • Indulge a sweet tooth – decorate sugar cookies as snowflakes, bells, or another seasonal emblem

If you’re looking for even more inspiration to help you plan your winter wedding, you can view wedding pictures and get advice from successfully planned winter weddings in this real weddings guide.

Things to Consider in Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most important things in a wedding and getting this correct is very critical. You don’t get a chance to repeat this ( unless you remarry ) so it is important that you have considered all the possibilities before the real wedding date.Although a lot is said about how to do photography in the wedding day not much is said about the preparations, so lets take a look at some things you should consider beforehand.

An often forgotten but an important thing you should consider is the time of sunset and some cases sunrise. If you are from a tropical country like India,Sri Lanka,Indonesia,Brazil, then this is not a problem. Those countries are close to the equator and sunrise and sunset is same time everyday. But if you are from a country like Canada, England, Sweden or Australia, then you should be knowledgeable about sunset times so you can plan your photo sessions at a proper time. You can always settle for indoor pictures in a studio but on this special occasion it is a good idea to have some pictures taken with some scenery as a nice background.

Another important thins is picking locations beforehand. There might be some places which are special to you and you want your picture taken there. But if you are stuck for locations then it is advisable to contact your wedding photographer. They have done this before and they can suggest you few places to check out. If you have the time then try to visit the places and pick a place more to your liking. Remember that there are no repeats for this, so time spent on finding a suitable place is time well spent.

Choosing dress colors is another important thing that is critical to photography. Most people have a good idea about what color matches them but if you are not sure don’t hesitate to ask for others opinion. Make sure that the colors highlight the couple, this is especially true if you have few bridesmaids in your wedding. Attention should be focused on the couple and the colors of the wedding dress plays a big part in doing that.Wedding planners can play a big role in this area because they have years of experience in doing weddings.

The last thing is picking the wedding photographer, there are lots of things to consider when picking a photographer, the price, availability, whether they give wedding story albums etc. Make sure to check out there past work so you can compare and pick the best one.Hope these tips will help you in making your wedding a truly special day.