Do Men Hate Weddings?

I’ve heard it said that a man hates weddings. Well, if you are talking about the average American male who falls asleep in most weddings he attends and dreads dressing up and then getting dragged out on the dance floor with his girlfriend who is thinking about marriage the whole entire day and has that look in her eye that says, “I wonder if he wants to marry me,” then, YES, your are correct.

I will admit, I was one of those males. Weddings were boring. Wedding decorations, cake toppers, and all the other little wedding accessories and details meant nothing to me. And then I got married.

All of a sudden these were very important things in my life. Wedding accessories actually had to be decided on. Wedding decorations were a necessity in my life. And how much my future bride liked me (I knew she would always love me, but not always like me) depended on my answers and expressive responses to the never ending question, “Honey, what do you think about ___?”

It’s funny to me that I really did not play a big role in making the decisions for choosing wedding decorations, wedding accessories, or any real wedding related details, but for some reason I really did start to care about these things. After all, it was MY wedding too. I should care.

Well, I can definitely say that my view of wedding decorations, wedding accessories and weddings in general changed right there and forever. I still get sleepy during wedding ceremonies, and occasionally hate having to get dressed up, but there is something more meaningful about a wedding that I actually enjoy now.

To those men out there who can relate to the first paragraph of this post: Get married. If you cannot do that well, good luck sitting through your friends’ weddings. I used to feel your pain.