Do You Want a Perfect Wedding

Whether you have dreamed of your wedding since you were a little girl, or if you never gave it much thought, you still want to have a wonderful wedding day. The moment you become engaged your mind probably spins with the ideas that you have, or you make a mad dash out to find books and magazines to help you make your choices. Whatever the case, you probably think you want to have a perfect wedding. In a way, you will, but only if you give up the idea of any wedding being anywhere near perfect. You just want to focus on one that is perfect for you.

Perhaps the idea of a perfect wedding has come to you because of movies or what you have seen on television. There are some amazing weddings out there, and most of them are very expensive. However, no matter how much these look like they may have been what you should consider the perfect wedding, there really is no such thing. The perfect day for you, however, it totally and completely doable. It all depends on what you want and the attitude you have about your big day.

Forget having a perfect wedding in the way of nothing going wrong. Something is going to happen that trips you up. However, how you handle this will determine how you remember your wedding. If you are sure you are going to have a perfect wedding, and then the flowers show up slightly different than what you ordered, this could ruin your day if you let it. However, if you remember that they are only flowers, and that important thing is that you celebrate your spouse to be with your friends and family, you may look back and laugh about the flowers in the years to come.

You may get a mark on your dress, the cake may fall, or perhaps your flower girl decides to eat the flowers on the way down the aisle. Maybe it rains or perhaps your mother has to run home to change her dress, delaying things a bit. These are all things that no one wants to happen, but because they do does not mean you are not going to have a perfect wedding. It means you are having a real wedding. The perfect wedding does not exist. Something always happens. Handle it with grace and love, just as you hope to handle the rest of your lives together.

Your perfect wedding is one that happens without anyone getting hurt. That, and the exchange of the vows, is all that matters. If you worry that you may be so nervous that small things that can happen will get you too worked up, choose your bridesmaids very carefully. A good attendant will find, fix, or deal with problems without you even knowing they came up or that they were dealt with quickly. Many brides who have chosen wisely don’t know about problems until long after the wedding when someone tells them what happened. Concentrate on the perfect wedding for you, do your planning, and let everyone else take care of the details while you look beautiful and share this day with your love.