Fairy Tale Wedding Favors to Impress “Wand-ering” Guests

You needn’t give out fairy tale wedding favors in a castle but as a castle! Check out sand castle tea lights that will perk up any wedding party and make for quaint favors. Your guests are unlikely to be leaving early once they receive these gifts of gratitude.

Also, don’t guests arrive in their personal carriages at a wedding ball? This being the 21st century, they most probably won’t. So, gift them ‘enchanted carriage’ boxes to take home instead. These favor boxes can be packed up with almonds, chocolates and other sweets. If you want to make these boxes unique, have some scroll work added.

When it comes to carriages and fairy tale romances, the Cinderella theme cannot be missed out. If that’s the theme you have chosen for your marriage party, then you may like to gift some special Cinderella carriage design curio showpieces. These are made beautiful with rhinestones, flower carving, silver painting and of course they don’t go poof at midnight.

If ‘mode of transport’ is still an issue, flip out $2 for each piece and gift antique getaway cars as fairy tale wedding favors. No police is going to be stopping these cars of love with the ‘in Luv’ license plates.

Candles are always very apt for any celebrations. Matching candles with your fairy tale wedding theme can be easy. In fact, you can further match it with the Cinderella theme and gift your guests white-wax elegant slipper candles as fairy tale wedding favors. The special filigree designs make these candles look almost like real wedding slippers. Your guests are sure to cherish these candles and display them in their homes. There are carriage candles available too in the same theme.

Place card holders are a genre of wedding favors that couples have started to order as a utility item. It helps them ensure the guests don’t have a problem with the seating arrangements and are comfortable from the moment they reach the venue. You can use all kinds of placecard holders to serve as fairy tale wedding favors too. Guests can take away pretty little silver tea pots, heart-shaped glass coasters and silver photo frames that carry their name cards for the seating plan.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want your guests to know who’s blushing more among the couple, keep them occupied with blushing gingerbread bride or groom favor. These fairy tale wedding favors come in acetate boxes with heart and star stage inserts. The gingerbread pair is hooked up together with brown satin ribbons. If you wish, you can add a tag too.

There is, in fact, an endless range of fairy tale wedding favors to choose from. Your guests will remember you fondly whether you give them silver bells, bottle stoppers or, bookmarks and silver hearts. They will cherish your thoughtfulness and gratitude. So, don’t forget to pick a fairy tale wedding favor if that’s your theme.