Perfect Wedding Sand Ceremony Made Easy

As you plan your wedding, why not add something different to your wedding ceremony? Doing a sand ceremony provides a perfect avenue where you can express your message of unity and bondage to your friends, families and guests. Incorporating sand ceremony to your wedding ritual is easy. All it takes are simple preparations. Follow these simple suggestions to perform your wedding sand ceremony in perfection.

Smart set up. You need to think of the spot where your guests can have the best view of your sand ceremony instead of just looking through your backside. A suggestion would be a small table where the officiant stands in the middle and facing the guests while the couple stands facing each other with the table in between. Another option would be the couple, standing side by side facing the guests while the officiant standing to one side.

Setting the scene. A bare table in front of your guest with a jar of sand and a vase will look like something that is unplanned. Pay attention to details. Choose a small table so the vessel or the vase will not be visually lost. Choose a nice table cloth or a pretty table runner to dress it up. Set up the table and add accents such as flowers that match the wedding theme. You can also scatter rose petals, shells and other accents that can make the table visually interesting.

Consider the Humidity of your wedding location. Sand usually clumps when subjected to moisture. If you happen to be getting married in a humid area, make sure that you store your sand in an air tight container. That will ensure that your sand pouring ceremony will be mess free as the sand will be poured smoothly into the vessel. Also, before starting the ceremony, check the texture of the sand you will use in the ceremony to get rid of any lumps before the ritual starts.

Eliminate mess. Accidents can happen when you are pouring the sand in the vessel. To make sure that such a disaster will never happen, place a transparent funnel on top of your vessel or vase. This is important especially if the mouth vessel you brought is not wide enough for the bride and groom to pour sand at the same time. Ask the officiant to place the funnel as you pour in the sand. If you can find a nice funnel that will match the color or texture of your vessel, a pretty piece of paper that is rolled and taped into the shape of a cone will do.

Practice doing the ceremony. Purchasing extra sand prior to the wedding sand ceremony will allow both the bride and the groom to practice how the ceremony should be done. This will also allow them to iron out all the possible ‘wrinkles’ in the sand ceremony and prevent them from happening during the real wedding. Practicing the ceremony allows the couple to focus on the meaning of the ceremony during the actual wedding, rather than worrying about not messing up.

To make sure that all the details of your wedding sand ceremony seamlessly blends into the whole wedding ritual; you can meet and discuss sand ceremony details with your wedding planner or wedding coordinator.