Wedding Scrapbook Ideas – Parts of a Wedding Scrapbook

So you’re creating a wedding scrapbook to record the most memorable day of your life. But why just record one day? Why not record the whole year? And of course, include the whole experience too. What wedding scrapbook ideas can you use to make up your photographic diary for the whole wedding experience?

The Engagement

Of course, the first part of the wedding is the time of the engagement. How did you get engaged? When and where? Use your pictures and any other special materials used or you have memories during the engagement.

Preparation for the Wedding

After the engagement, the party begins with all the preparation. So there’s the dress-hunting and then the dress-fitting, all the search for new home equipments and the preparation for all the wedding such as finding entertainment, getting the right location and the correct date and the arrangements for the wedding completes your wedding scrapbooking ideas.

Wedding Day

After the preparation comes the real wedding day. Collect pictures and mementos from your wedding so you can use and add to your wedding scrapbook ideas.


Aside from the wedding day, you’ll always be able to scrapbook a lot about the reception. Guests, dances, special songs sang and of course pictures and transcriptions of the speeches given at the reception.


The last part where you can use your wedding scrapbook ideas is the honeymoon part. Use souvenirs for your scrapbook embellishments, as well as guide books, maps, post cards, tickets and of course, photos from your honeymoon.